Marketplace is an online trading feature of Merchain, it's available in many different countries, you can trade items locally or internationally, payments will made in crypto, on Marketplace you can open or participate in auctions and trade rare collectibles, discontinued items, vintage items, unusual goods or other items, sellers need to verify their identity and pay fees associated to their items.
Why Merchain Marketplace?
  • Transaction locking
  • Crypto payment
  • PNFT function
  • Auctions proof of payment
  • Seller trading history
  • Merchain Auctions
Transaction locking: Payment is locked until the buyer receives their goods, protecting buyers from scammers and allowing for faster refunds.
Crypto payment: You can pay using +200 different cryptocurrencies.
PNFT function: Use PNFT function to secure your trading.
Auctions proof of payment: Users may only participate in auctions if they have the called amount of money in their crypto wallet, therefore there are no false bidders.
Seller trading history: Will help users identify sellers and choose the best seller for their product.
Merchain Auctions: We will host weekly auctions only for Merchain token holders.
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