Merchain Token (MAIN)
Merchain Token (MAIN) is based on Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20).
MAIN token has a maximum quantity of one billion tokens, 500 million tokens will be burnt in the first ten months after release, and 150 million tokens will be locked on exchanges permanently, resulting in just 350 million tokens circulating.
MAIN tokens are not stocks and should not be treated as such; the MAIN token is solely used for payment on the Merchain ecosystem.


We intend to release the majority of the tokens to the general population.

500 Million Tokens: Burn

For the first ten months, we will burn 50,000,000 Tokens on the first day of each month; the first 50,000,000 Tokens were already burnt upon the token release: July Burn: 0x7b4a63ae105b8abbd6e72a552f0b4c07f7fbe71bed5528240ba0dd767d4cbef5 August Burn: 0x60b70026b179fa96b3e915a0ceb86d4230540b76e6e6ef5f4e2a53a6642e4829 September Burn: 0x087532e69aae520737cefaf353a292d942e20e949eab2883e33ff178e8d981c8

150 Million Tokens: Private and Public sale

150 million Tokens will be distributed for $0.005 each

50 Million Tokens: Airdrop

Each participant will receive 500 tokens, to join our airdrop use the link below:

50 Million Tokens: Merchain Team

50 million tokens will be distributed to Merchain Team members, the tokens will be locked, and 5% of the tokens will be obtainable on a monthly basis.

100 Million Tokens: Farming Rewards

Holders of MAIN Token can offer liquidity on decentralized exchanges and get rewards based on the quantity of LP staked; for more details, visit the Farm page.

150 Million Tokens: Exchange Liquidity

As liquidity, it will be locked on exchanges forever.

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