General FAQ
Is it necessary for me to verify in order to become a seller on marketplace?
To safeguard our users, all sellers must authenticate their identity before they can sell anything. The first five products a trader sells will be monitored to determine the quality of seller service.
What kinds of things may I sell on the marketplace?
Sellers can sell any digital or physical product that is internationally lawful for trade; however, sellers must be aware that country and area rules apply.
How much does each transaction cost in terms of gas?
The gas fee for each crypto network varies based on the network; for more details, see the page below.
Is a website required to add Merchant to my business?
Business owners may customize Merchain to meet their specific needs; having a website/page is not required; instead, you can use Merchain as a link and share the url among your clients for payment.
Which cryptocurrencies Merchain accepts? Merchain accepts 200 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, ADA, and XRP, to mention a few.
Is it necessary for all users to verify?
No, only individuals who intend to sell items on the marketplace must verify.
What types of concepts are approved by launchpad?
Merchain Launchpad welcomes all ideas, whether they are for a new style of bicycle or a new application. Do you have an idea? Apply on the Merchain website.
Is there a cost for selling on the marketplace?
For the time being, just a 1% charge is charged on payments.
How long does it take for my purchase to arrive from the marketplace?
Because the items are sold by other users, the arrival time is determined by the seller's and buyer's location, as well as the postal service.
Is the token unique to the PNFT item?
The PNFT token, wallet, and product build number are all matched, which means that each PNFT item has its own three unique addresses that can be checked on the Merchain website.
How do I calculate the pricing of a PNFT item?
The price of a PNFT item is decided by supply and demand; you must list your item on marketplace to establish its worth.
Is it possible for me to make a PNFT item?
Anyone may design their own PNFT item and sell it on the marketplace.
Is it possible to stake Merchain token?
For the time being, farming merchain tokens is the only option; for more details, see the page below:
Is the farm APY changing? Although we have a large quantity of tokens awarded by the Liquidity Mining Program, these rewards will be divided among all stakeholders for liquidity such that the APY and the payouts depend on how much you have in the pool.
How does the token burn work? When cryptocurrency tokens or coins are burned, they are intentionally removed from the circulating supply. This occurs when tokens are sent to a burn address that no one can access.

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